Embarrassed by your home?



In as little as 20 minutes a day you will:

~ Learn step by step DIY techniques on our online classes (you can even use our app for your phone)

~ Gain confidence to plan and make DIY projects for your home - including Zoom craft sessions

~ Understand how to make home into your haven while refining your decorating style

~ All while developing your creativity. I've seen creativity grow when women gather time over time

Creative Community

The membership includes two creative communities. One online here, plus a Facebook community. Our online community covers course chats & help. The Facebook group overs live Thursday demos and Monday Q&A. 

Course Tutorials

The courses are growing into so much more than painting furniture! The expansion list - Women Who Woodwork, 21 Days of Farmhouse Style, Your craft studio, Live Room Redos, This Old Decor series (think This Old House)

Magnolia Gals

While I was selling hand crafted decor to shops a group of gals became friends. (before internet) Each had different areas of creativity. We bonded and creativity grew. This is the idea for  Magnolia Gals online.

Welcome Video & Why?!?!


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Our Brainstormed Class List

Subject to additions as members request

This course is happening now. Most questions in the DIY world revolve around painting furniture. 

This course uses Zoom meetings along with live videos, recorded videos, and downloaded instructions.

Gathering around our Zoom craft table to make home decor together. Elbows are allowed on the craft table!

A six week decluttering challenge. We're thinking about starting January 2021. (It will be a MUCH better year than this one)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do woodworking? Basics for the beginning woodworker of any age! 

Online room decorating using Zoom. I'm thinking we can do one on one or group. Meeting once a week online with tasks to complete during the week. 

Have you ever though about selling your crafts? 

I never did. Then neighbors and local stores started wanting my wares. For the first two years I made enough to buy more supplies, but with a few tweaks I starting making money. Take a few classes to learn what worked. 

A subscription box still in the development stage. Each month or season you receive a box delivered to you with a unique collection of items to make a DIY home decor. 

Plus live classes to create together. 

Learn what colors make you feel comfortable. How to match colors for your home. And what is that color wheel all about???

Pick one room to redecorate over several weeks. We'll each start with inspirations, plans, schedule and a budget. Then check in each week with updates, idea changes to work around, solutions to challenges.  


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